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Tang Yin (1470-1524)

"The research agenda of the Culture and Cognition Lab challenges these assumptions theoretically and empirically. Scholars in our lab and throughout the field have repeatedly found that culture explains variability in a number of psychological functions-cognition, emotion, social perception and social interaction-and related social institutional variables as well. We seek to examine and uncover the psychological mechanisms that drive the underlying relationship between culture and cognition.

The current projects of the Culture and Cognition Lab can be classified by

  1. Contextualizing the Asian/Holistic Mindset (including Asian religions and philosophy, native dialecticism and its measurements, implicit theories of causality, free will, human nature, and agency);
  2. Reason and Emotion in relation to naive dialecticism and the responses to psychological contradiction (inconsistency, change, and ambiguity);
  3. The Self (including the dialectical self, subjective wellbeing, group identity dynamics, intergroup relations, and biculturalism);
  4. Effects of Culturally Specific Cognitive/Emotional Processes on Social Institutions (law, business, and international relations) and social judgments (creativity, agency, attribution, morality, aesthetics, and human intimate relationships);
  5. and Contributions to Research Methodology (implicit and explicit cultural measurements)."
- K. Peng, Director
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